Set Task Due Dates

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You can set a specific due date and time for any individual task. Use due dates in tandem with Agenda, the My Tasks widget and Timeline to always stay on top of your deadlines.



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Set a Task Due Date and Time

You can set a due date and time for a task directly in the task window. 


  1. Open the task for which you'd like to set a due date.
  2. Select Due Date on the right side of the task window. 
  3. Select a due date from the in-task calendar.
  4. Enter the time at which your task is due. If you do not enter a time, the task will be due at 12:00 pm on the due date.



View Due Dates From Your Project Board

Task due dates are also displayed on individual task tiles on your project board:


On the day your tasks are due, your task's due date will be displayed in orange and a "Due Today" headline will alert you to the upcoming deadline.



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Gintare Monkeviciute

Hey, for some reason I can not choose a specific due date in the filters. Only today, tomorrow within a week and etc. Please see my attachment. I need to be able to see a date that I choose from the calendar. Please, could you check it for me?


Peter Rengstorf

Hi Gintare, could you please send an email to and put ATTN: Peter in the subject. I can take a look at your account and see what is going on.