Creating IFTTT Applets with MeisterTask

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(If this then that) is a free service that offers more than 300 channels (e.g. tools, apps and services) which you can connect to create Applets. Applets are simple automations that help you work more efficiently.

MeisterTask has its own channel on IFTTT, which means that you can connect it with any of the other 300+ channels on the platform.

MeisterTask on IFTTT

Applets involving MeisterTask will bring your task management to the next level and help you work more consistently and efficiently. For instance:


  • As a marketer, you can connect MeisterTask with tools like Wordpress, YouTube, Buffer or bitly.
  • Developers can create workflows with GitHub or Slack.

MeisterTask can be used as a trigger or an action within the Applets you create. Here's a list of all actions and triggers we currently support:



  • Task created in section. This trigger fires when a new task is created in a section. Please note that it does not fire when an existing task is simply moved from another section.
  • Task created in project. This trigger fires when a new task is created in the specified project. Please note that it does not fire when a task is being moved over from an existing project.
  • Task assigned to me. This trigger fires whenever a task is assigned to you.



  • Create a task. This action will create a new task in the section you specify.

How to Get Started

There’s no need to enable the IFTTT integration in your MeisterTask project board to get started. Simply:


  1. Head over to IFTTT and sign up using your email address.
  2. Once you’re logged in, you can visit the MeisterTask channel to browse our most popular Applets, or simply create your own.

Here's a quick video demonstration about how to set up recurring tasks in MeisterTask using IFTTT:

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