GitHub Integration

MeisterTask was created with the needs of development teams in mind. Therefore, one of the first things we added was an integration with GitHub, which allows you to complete tasks and checklist items with special commit messages.

With MeisterTask’s GitHub integration, you can connect multiple GitHub repositories to a single project, as well as use multiple projects with a single repository.

You can also link pull requests directly in tasks. When you add a pull request link to a task description, a new GitHub icon will appear in the task’s right panel.
And vice versa - if you reference a task in a GitHub pull request, a link will automatically be added to the related MeisterTask task. You can use the task ID as a substitute for copying the task link.


When you create a pull request in GitHub you can reference a task using the following ways:

  • Add the task token in the pull request title, e.g. 'Fixes #ABD123'
  • Add the task token in the pull request description e.g. 'This fixes #ABD123'
  • Add a link to the task in the pull request description e.g. This fixes - the link will then show up in the sidebar of the task.


Connect MeisterTask with GitHub

  1. Connect your MeisterTask account to GitHub in your account settings.
    Click the avatar icon in the top right from your MeisterTask Dashboard and click on My account.
    Use the left side menu and navigate to MeisterTask -- Integrations, click the + Add blue button beside GitHub, and on the next page click Authorize Github to connect MeisterTask and GitHub
  2. Install the MeisterTask GitHub App. Then, select the repositories you’d like to connect to your MeisterTask project(s).
  3. Now you can manage the integration under your account settings integration page. Click on Configure beside GitHub and then start connecting your repositories by clicking on Add Configuration. At the bottom of this account section, you can also see a list of all your connected GitHub accounts.


Github Examples


Make sure all people have the same email addresses on MeisterTask and GitHub. You need admin rights on the repository to install the integration. 

Note: Once you've connected your accounts, you have one week to configure your GitHub repositories and your MeisterTask projects. If you do not complete this within this timeframe, you must reinstall the MeisterTask app in GitHub and begin the process again. 

Common Problems:

If you set up the GitHub integration in MeisterTask successfully, but you still can't get it to work, you might be sending the commit messages with the wrong email address.

Please make sure that the email address used for the commit messages is the same as the email address you're using in MeisterTask.