Switch from Trello to MeisterTask - Feature Comparison

MeisterTask turns your Trello boards into beautiful, agile projects that adapt to your needs and raise your team's productivity through smart automations. Here's a quick overview of what's new and what's different here:


Feature Comparison

Feature Trello MeisterTask
 Integrated time tracking  
 Custom fields  
 Task automations  
 Custom background images  
 MindMeister integration  
 Task completion  
 Appearance settings  
 Task relationships  

 Calendar view



What's Different

Personal Dashboard

The MeisterTask dashboard provides you with a quick overview of everything you need to get started into a productive day:

  • All your (active) projects are listed on the left side.
  • On the right, the notifications from your team members inform you about everything that's happened while you were away.
  • time tracking widget shows how much time you and your team spent on each task.
  • Under My Tasks you'll find an overview of all tasks that are assigned to you, divided into tasks that are due today (first in the list), tasks you've put in Focus, and the rest.
  • A smart search engine helps you find whatever task you're looking for and also suggests tasks you visited recently.


The Project Boards


MeisterTask's beautiful project boards are fully customizable and adapt to fit your individual workflow. All changes in your projects are instantly visible to every collaborator and across all devices.


Focus on Tasks

In contrast to Trello, MeisterTask's focus is on task management, not organisation in general. 

  • Tasks contain all the information you need to complete them, from checklists and attachments to time tracking and due date.
  • Tasks have a status, which can be Open, Completed and Archived. Completed but not archived tasks will remain in the board and show a distinct green top bar and checkmark.
  • You can star a task to raise it's priority or indicate that you're currently working on it. The task will then be displayed in your Focus list on the dashboard.
  • You can indicate relationships between individual tasks, such as blockages.


One - And Only One - Assignee

At MeisterTask we only allow one assignee per task, because we believe that clear assignments ensure that the job gets done. However, you can add as many 'watchers' to a task as you like. Watchers get notified about changes (status changes, comments etc.) just like the assignee, so they can easily keep track of developments.


Task Automations

MeisterTask offers a power feature called Automations. Automations are a fantastic way to automate recurring steps in your task management workflow and thus work more consistently and efficiently. Once you’ve configured a specific automation for a section in your project, it will automatically be applied to all tasks moved to or created in this section.

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Mind Mapping Integration

MindMeister is a collaborative online mind mapping tool that enables you to visualize ideas and visually plan projects together with your colleagues. Once you've outlined the plan and collected all ideas, you can define tasks right inside the mind map export them to MeisterTask with a simple drag & drop motion. 

The MindMeister-MeisterTask workflow allows you to seamlessly go from planning to execution and turn your mind maps directly into agile project boards. Find out how this workflow can help you make meetings more efficient, or see a demonstration of the workflow in action.




Switching products can be confusing, especially when similar things have different names. But don't worry, we've prepared a short glossary that'll show you what's what at a glance:

Trello MeisterTask
board project
list section
card task
label tag