Bugsnag Integration

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  1. Head on over to Bugsnag’s project view and select the project you want to connect with MeisterTask. Go to Settings and select Issue Tracker. Scroll through the list of tools until you find MeisterTask.
  2. On the Settings page, click on the link ‘Create an access token for MeisterTask’. This will bring you to our API page where you can retrieve the token. Be sure to select the following three options from the menu before clicking Submit:
    Retrieve your access token
    Copy the value and paste it into the access token field in Bugsnag.
  3. Enter the names of the MeisterTask project and the section you want to connect. This is where Bugsnag will insert all future tickets. Once you’ve saved the settings, MeisterTask and Bugsnag are connected.

Paste access token and set MeisterTask Project and Section

From now on, every time Bugsnag logs a new exception, a new task will be created in MeisterTask. The task will include both the error message and stacktrace as well as a link back to the issue in Bugsnag.

Error in MeisterTask

For issues that were logged before you set up the MeisterTask integration you can create tasks manually. To do this, just go to the report and click on the ! in the upper left corner of the screen.

Create task manually from Bugsnag

Bugsnag will add comments to tasks in MeisterTask when the corresponding error in Bugsnag changes state, and comments added by a user in Bugsnag are automatically displayed in MeisterTask, too.

There’s no need to enable the integration in MeisterTask’s project settings first, just go straight to Bugsnag to set up the connection there!