Reports (Beta)

This feature generates reports on your team’s projects and tasks. You can:

  • Generate predefined reports on your project(s) over a specified time frame.
  • Adjust filters to generate customized reports on your project(s) over a specified time frame.

All users can use this feature in the Beta phase.


Existing Reports

Reports (Beta) does not replace the current Statistics and Reports feature. You can use both the old and new features for the time being (MeisterTask Pro, Business and Enterprise users only).

  • Keep an eye out for updates in MeisterTask.
  • View this Help Center article for help using the existing Statistics and Reports feature. 

How to Use Reports

Access and navigate the Reports interface

To start using the updated reports feature, click Reports from the dashboard. The reports interface appears as follows:


1. Predefined reports

Allows you to select from standard reports with preset filters. These are: 

  • All open tasks (all open tasks for the selected project(s)). 
  • Recently created tasks (tasks created for the selected project(s) in the current month).
  • All completed tasks (all completed tasks for the selected project(s)). 
  • Recently completed tasks (tasks for the selected project(s) that were completed in the current month).
  • All due tasks (all open tasks with a due date for the selected project(s)).


2. Filters bar

Allows you to add filters, change your selection, or remove filters entirely. Filters include:

  • Project. Filters tasks by project.
  • Date range. Filters tasks by the date that the defined action (created, completed, due) took/takes place on.
  • Status. Filters tasks by their current status: open, completed or trashed.
  • Assignee. Filters tasks by assigned user. Displays only assigned tasks for the selected project(s), not all tasks assigned to that user.


3. Axis and grouping settings (legend)

Allows you to define parameters for the x-axis and bars. 

The x-axis can be set as any date range category included in the project filters. For example, “created” shows tasks created on a specific date at the relevant point on the x-axis. 

Grouping defines how the bars are displayed. Grouping by project will split the bar into different colors that depict how many tasks from a selected project are part of the overall total. Grouping by assignee will display how many tasks from the total are assigned to each team member. 

The legend indicates which categories are represented by the colors in each bar. Hover over a bar to see a detailed breakdown of the data it depicts.


4. Bars

Stacks are generated automatically based on the x-axis and grouping settings. The scales of the x- and y-axes adjust automatically.


5. Task overview

Allows you to see details on every task included in the current selection. Details include the project, when it was created, who it is assigned to, and its current status. Further parameters can be shown in new columns. Click the ellipsis (...) in the top right to see all filters.


Click a task from the overview to open its task dialog.

Generate a predefined report

  1. Click Reports from the dashboard to open the reports interface.
  2. Select one or more projects from the Project dropdown menu.
  3. Select a predefined report from the dropdown list.

Generate a customized report

  1. Click Reports from the dashboard to open the reports interface.
  2. Select one or more projects from the dropdown menu.
  3. Select the filters you wish to apply to your report from the filters bar.
  4. Set x-axis and grouping settings for your report.


Your Feedback Matters

Reports is currently in the Beta phase. We’re actively collecting feedback from our users to find out how to improve the feature. Once you’ve used reports, click Got Feedback? in the top-right corner of the screen to let us know what you think. Don’t worry if you forget something — you can leave feedback as often as you like.



Hints and Tips

Feature Changes

Calendar view and time tracking are not available in the new reports feature. However, these will remain in the existing statistics feature for now. 


Potential Issues

My reports don’t show the correct data

To get the best results from the new reports feature, certain parameters must be set in the tasks you wish to generate reports on. Make sure to:

  • Set due dates. 
  • Set assignees.
  • Set completed tasks to “completed” and archive them to remove them from your project board. 
  • Avoid trashing tasks that have been completed (these will otherwise appear as “trashed” rather than “completed”).

I can’t see my archived tasks

Archived tasks will be included when you select completed tasks in your filters. They cannot be filtered separately. To achieve the best results:

  • Only archive tasks that have been completed.
  • Only trash tasks that you don’t need and haven’t been completed.

If you’re still having trouble…

Contact MeisterTask Support for help.