Explore the MeisterTask Dashboard (Overview)

This feature is available to all users.

As soon as you log in to MeisterTask, you'll see the dashboard, your home screen in MeisterTask. From here, you can quickly access your projects and assigned tasks, as well as view general information on your productivity.

Tutorial Video: Explore the MeisterTask Dashboard

Take a look at this short tutorial video to learn more about the MeisterTask dashboard, then read on for more details. 

The Sidebar

The Sidebar on the left side of your dashboard includes a list of all projects you are currently involved in (not including guest projects). It also includes links to your Agenda, Reports and Note.


Use the Sidebar to:

  • View your Active Projects
  • View your Recent Projects (Pro and Business users only)
  • Filter projects
  • Create new projects (click the +)
  • Rearrange your project list and organize your projects into Groups
  • Import projects
  • Access your Agenda
  • View and generate Reports
  • Open Note
Expanding/Collapsing the Sidebar

The left sidebar isn't only available on your dashboard. If you're viewing a project or Report, simply press  M on your keyboard (or click the expand icon in the top-left corner of MeisterTask) to expand or collapse the sidebar. 


Information Widgets (Top-Right Corner)

The top-right corner of your dashboard contains three information widgets which can be opened directly on your dashboard. Toggle these widgets on/off to customize which information is displayed on your dashboard.

Open these widgets to:

  1. Access time tracking data
  2. View your assigned tasks and personal checklist with the My Tasks widget
  3. View your notifications


You can also click the magnifying glass to search for tasks, or click your user avatar to change preferences and access your account settings.

Customize Your Dashboard Background

To customize the background of your dashboard:


  1. Click the Customize... button at the top of your dashboard.
  2. Choose a background from the options available (paid users can also upload a custom image).

background gif.gif

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