Troubleshooting: My Projects Have Disappeared Since the Last Update

Due to a recent update, some users have had difficulty accessing their projects from the dashboard.

Rest easy:
Your project data is safe and has not been deleted. You can access your complete project list by clicking the small expand arrow on the left side of the Active Projects header:


What Happened? 

We recently updated the left sidebar in MeisterTask to simplify things for users who are involved in many different projects. As part of this update, your projects on the left sidebar are now listed under collapsible headers.

So, How Do I Access My Projects?

To access your projects, you'll need to click the expand arrow on the left side of the Active Projects header:


Still Having Issues?

If you're still having trouble expanding the Active Projects menu, please reach out to us at MeisterTask Support with the subject line "Project List Access." We're happy to help!


Remember that you can always use the Quick Switcher (Apple: Cmd + K / Windows: Ctr + K) to quickly find and access your projects without using the left sidebar.





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