Can Basic Users Collaborate With Paying Users?

Yes! Basic users can collaborate on projects with paying users. 



  • Basic users can participate in a maximum of three projects. Any additional projects Basic users are invited to will only be visible as read-only projects.

  • Basic users will not be able to create or edit paid features, even when collaborating with paying users. They are, however, able to see the feature. For example, if a paying user has scheduled a task on Timeline, the Basic user will be able to see the dates scheduled, but cannot edit these or view them in Timeline.

  • Paying users can create automations in projects shared with Basic users. Although Basic users will not be able to edit these automations, they can still use them within the shared project.

MeisterTask Teams

This article refers to collaboration within a single project. It does NOT apply to MeisterTask Teams.

To form a MeisterTask Team, all users must be on the same subscription plan. To learn more about creating a team in MeisterTask, visit our dedicated article here.

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