Using MeisterTask with GitHub

This feature is available to Pro and Business Users

Use MeisterTask’s GitHub integration to connect MeisterTask projects to your Github repositories. You can then complete tasks and checklist items in your MeisterTask projects using special commit messages in GitHub.

You can also create links between a pull request and any task in MeisterTask to easily navigate between the two.

Set Up the GitHub Integration

To set up MeisterTask's GitHub integration:


  1. Visit your account's integrations page.
  2. Click GitHub.
  3. Click Authorize GitHub to connect MeisterTask and GitHub.
  4. Install the MeisterTask GitHub App.
  5. Once the app is installed, select the repositories you’d like to connect to your MeisterTask project(s).


    Make sure all users have the same email addresses on MeisterTask and GitHub. You will need admin rights on the repository to install the integration. 

  6. Now you can manage the integration on your account's integrations page. Click on GitHub and start connecting your repositories by clicking the Add Configuration button.

    The GitHub Integration allows for complete freedom when connecting MeisterTask to your repositories. This means you can connect multiple repositories to a single project or connect a single repository to many projects.

Using the GitHub Integration

  1. To link to a pull request directly within a task, simply add a pull request link to the task's description. A new GitHub icon and link will appear on the right side of the task window.
  2. You can reference a task in a GitHub pull request by:
    • Adding the task token in the pull request title, e.g. 'Fixes #ABD123'
    • Adding the task token in the pull request description e.g.: "This fixes #ABD123"
    • Adding a link to the task in the pull request description e.g. "This fixes" - the link will then show up in the sidebar of the task.

  3. To complete tasks and checklist items via GitHub, use the following commit messages:

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