Reports Best Practices: Assessing Your Team’s Workload

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One of the most important resources is time, and yet it’s also one of the hardest to manage in the workspace. Why? Coordinating multiple team members and their individual tasks and timetables is understandably complex. Poor time management leads to missed deadlines, incomplete projects and frustrated stakeholders. 

MeisterTask Reports can enable better resource management and help you meet every deadline - use Reports to redistribute workloads you know won’t be finished on time and to delegate any outstanding unassigned tasks. Read on to find out how. 

For more information on the Reports feature, read here.

Redistributing Unmanageable Workloads

Create a Report that Shows Your Team Members' Incomplete Tasks

Instead of panicking as the end of a quarter approaches, you can configure reports to show which of your team members currently has the most unfinished tasks left to complete. With this knowledge, you can redistribute the workload so that you don’t miss any deadlines and your team stays happy.


  1. Open MeisterTask Reports.
  2. Choose the project you’d like to see the report for.
  3. Select all Open tasks.
  4. Remove the Created filter.
  5. Add a Date Range filter. (Due this quarter for instance).
  6. Click the Group by button on the right and select Assignee.
  7. Hover your mouse over different bars in your report to see how many tasks each assignee completed.
  8. Once you know who has the most work left, you can reassign some of their tasks to a colleague with fewer tasks. 

    Before redistributing tasks, have a discussion with the team members who seem to have struggled. You can ask them if the workload was too large to start with or if something else made the tasks difficult - this will help you preempt similar issues in the future.

Delegating Outstanding Tasks

Create a Report that Shows Open and Unassigned Tasks

It’s easy to overlook unassigned tasks, especially in longer projects with lots of team members involved. Unassigned tasks are problematic because it’s unclear who is responsible for their completion; disputes over responsibility can damage team relationships.

To avoid these issues, you can configure Reports before your project deadline and view all outstanding tasks that still need assigning. As a result, you'll have assigned tasks, clear responsibilities, a project that’s more likely to be completed on time and a team that is more likely to work better together. 


  1. Open MeisterTask Reports.
  2. Choose the project you’d like to see the report for.
  3. Select all Open tasks. 
  4. Choose a time period for the Created filter.
  5. Add an Assignee filter and change it to Unassigned
  6. Click on one of the tasks listed below the Report to open and assign it.


You can always save your report settings so you can access them again quickly from the left sidebar and stay updated on trends and changes to your workflow. 

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