Reports Best Practices: Measuring Success

Basic and Pro users have limited access to the Reports feature. Business users have full access to the Reports feature.

You can use MeisterTask Reports to see an overview of each team member’s completed tasks and identify your Top Active Users, letting you measure success and initiate discussions with individuals who might be struggling. 

For more information on the Reports feature, read here.

Measuring Task Completion Rates 

Create a Report that Shows How Many Tasks Each Team Member Has Completed

Imagine it’s the end of a busy quarter and you’re really proud of your hardworking team. It's now important you do a retrospective and learn what went well and what could be improved on next time.

You can configure MeisterTask Reports to show exactly how many tasks each team member completed. With this information, you can congratulate and reward team members that finished a lot of tasks. Similarly, if somebody seems to have struggled, you might arrange a meeting to discuss how you can better support them in the future.


To generate a report on your team’s task completion rates:


  1. Open MeisterTask Reports.
  2. Choose the project you’d like to see the report for.
  3. Add a Status filter and select Completed.
  4. Add a Date Range filter, select Completed and choose a date.
  5. Click the Group by button on the right and select Assignee
  6. Hover your mouse over different bars in your report to see how many tasks each assignee has completed.


Identifying Top Active Users

Create a Report that Shows Which Team Members Have Worked the Most Hours

This best practice is relevant to teams that use our time tracking function

An essential part of any project retrospective is reviewing how many hours your team spent getting the project done. You can keep this information in mind when delegating tasks in future projects. Working this out manually can be time consuming and potentially inaccurate. Reports make it easy.

With Reports, you can see which team member has tracked the most time and have a chat with your most active team members. Find out if:

  • There are bottlenecks in your team’s workflow.
  • A team member is especially motivated.
  • A team member is struggling and needs more support. 


To generate a report on your team members' tracked time:


  1. Click the time tracking symbol on the top-right corner of the MeisterTask interface.
  2. Click Show all.
  3. Choose a project and time frame.
  4. Scroll down to see the Top Active Users under the graph - this shows which employees have tracked the most time.
  5. You can also see Top Tasks below - these are the tasks which were worked on for the longest period of time.


You can always save your report settings so you can access them again quickly from the left sidebar and stay updated on trends and changes to your workflow. 

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