Can I Cancel My Subscription and/ or Close My Account?

Cancel Your Subscription

Individual users can downgrade or cancel their subscription here.

Canceling your subscription will downgrade your license to the free Basic plan at the end of the current license period. Read how to do this here.

Close Your Account

To completely close your account, you’ll first need to cancel your subscription to all Meister Products (see above). After you’ve cancelled your subscriptions, the link to close your account can be found at the bottom of Plans.

Closing one Meister Account will affect your subscriptions to all Meister products (i.e. MeisterTask and MindMeister).

All your personal data will be permanently deleted upon the closure of your account. However, for legal reasons we are obliged to keep certain data for a limited period of time. Therefore, such data will not be deleted immediately upon the closure of your account.

If you have a dedicated Success Manager and would like to cancel your contract, please reach out to our Accounts team.

If you don't have a dedicated Manager and are having trouble cancelling your subscription, reach out to MeisterTask Support.

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