If I join a new team, what happens to my projects?

The answer depends on whether you are currently part of a team:

If you're not currently not part of a team and are joining a new team:

  • Ownership of your existing projects is automatically transferred to the new team.

  • Your new teammates can immediately join and collaborate on your team projects.
    Please note: for Basic (free) users, this means your new team will automatically have access to all of your projects.

  • Your new teammates CANNOT access your private projects; these remain restricted to project invitees.

If you're part of a team but are switching to another team:

  • You will lose access to all the team projects your previous team.

    Please note: If you are leaving a Basic (free) team, this means you will lose access to all projects from that team.

  • You will keep access to the private projects you've been invited to.

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