This article describes how to use the Timeline feature. This allows you to:


  • Enable the Timeline
  • Show/Hide the Timeline
  • Populate the Timeline
  • Adjust start and end dates and assign tasks
  • Filter tasks and toggling between fullscreen and split screen mode


Business or Enterprise users can use this feature. See this comparison chart that outlines MeisterTask's plans and prices.


How to use Timeline




Timeline is similar in concept to a Gantt chart, and allows you to see all tasks in a project displayed in a calendar view. The Timeline shows the following information about tasks:


  • the start and end date
  • the assignee
  • the location in the workflow


The color of a task on the Timeline corresponds to the section the task is in. For example, if your ‘In Progress’ section is red, all tasks ‘In Progress’ will appear in red on your Timeline.

Note: The end date and due date of a task are not the same. They can be set independently from one another.


Enable the Timeline


To enable the Timeline, you should do the following:


  1. Go to the Project Properties menu ( i ).

  2. Choose ‘Power-Ups’.

  3. Enabled the Timeline View.

Show / Hide the Timeline


To show or hide the Timeline, you can do the following:


  1. Click the Timeline icon in the header to show the Timeline.

  2. Click on the Timeline icon in the header again to hide it.


Populate the Timeline


Populate the Timeline by adding tasks to it. There are many ways to do this:


  1. Drag and drop an existing task from your project board.

  2. Drag and drop multiple, existing tasks from your project board using the CTRL key.

  3. Open an existing task and schedule a start and end date by choosing the start date and then choosing the end date.

  4. Double click on the Timeline and search for an existing task.

  5. Double click on the Timeline and start typing to create a new task.

  6. Create a new task using the plus icon and schedule a start and end date.


Adjust Start and End Dates


You can adjust start and end dates in the task dialogue or directly on the Timeline:

  1. Drag the node at the beginning of a task to change its start date.
  2. Drag the node at the end of a task to change its end date.


Assign Tasks


To assign tasks directly in the Timeline, just click the question mark and search for an assignee.



Filter Tasks


Filter tasks by tag, watcher, due date, status, and scheduling in the collapsible sidebar. Or filter by assignee by clicking on the person’s picture in the right panel. Mix and match filters in any combination.

Note: Filters will affect both what appears on the project board and on the Timeline. The only exception being the schedule filter; it only affects the project board.



Viewing Options


  1. Fullscreen the Timeline by clicking the down icon.

  2. Go back to split screen by clicking the up icon.

  3. Sort the Timeline by space in the arrow icon drop-down menu.

  4. Sort the Timeline by start date in the arrow icon drop-down menu.

  5. Zoom in and out to see a smaller or larger time frame. Do this by clicking the + and - on either side of Today OR press Ctrl and scroll with the wheel on your mouse OR on a touchpad or touchscreen use two fingers.


If you’re still having trouble…