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Timeline is Meister's take on the Gantt Chart. With Timeline, you can plan, schedule and visualize all of your project's tasks in an intuitive, calendar-based format.


Internal Note: 
Scenario: User has paid for business plan, but still can't use timeline/see the timeline widget.
Solution: User needs to Enable/Disable Timeline.


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What is Timeline?

Timeline provides you with a visual, calendar-based project overview, allowing you to more efficiently plan, schedule and coordinate tasks with your team. 


By simply dragging-and-dropping tasks into your project's Timeline, you can quickly schedule essential tasks and see an immediate overview of essential project information, including:


  • Who is responsible for each task
  • How long each task will take
  • Which project phase is currently in development


Schedule Tasks Using Timeline

You can schedule and set due dates for project tasks simply by adding them to the Timeline. This can be done in three separate ways:


  1. Drag and drop an existing task from your project board directly into the Timeline. Hold the CTRL key to select more than one task.

  2. You can add tasks to your Timeline directly from the task window. Simply open a task and choose a start and end date using the the in-task scheduling calendar.

  3. You can also schedule a task by double clicking on the Timeline.



Enable/Disable Timeline

Before using Timeline, you'll need to enable it in the Project settings window.


  1. Click the project name at the top of your project board, then select Project settings.
  2. Navigate to the Power-Ups tab.
  3. Enable/Disable Timing and Scheduling.



Only project administrators can add Power-Ups (like Timeline) to a project


Show/Hide Timeline

You can toggle between showing and hiding the timeline by clicking the Timeline Icon at the top of the Project dashboard.




Adjust a Task's Start and End Dates Using Timeline

You can adjust a task's start and end dates directly in your Timeline. Simply click and drag the nodes at the start or end of a task.



Assign Tasks to Team Members Using Timeline

You can assign a task to yourself or another team member directly in your Timeline. Simply click the user avatar (or question mark, if the task is unassigned) and select an assignee from the drop-down menu.




Adjust Timeline Viewing Options

You can view Timeline in fullscreen mode, adjust zoom options and sort tasks by start date.


  1. To toggle between fullscreen and split-screen view, click the expand arrows in the top right of the Timeline window.

  2. You can zoom in or out on your timeline by:

    • Holding CTRL and scrolling with a mouse wheel
    • Scrolling with two fingers on a touchpad or touchscreen
    • Clicking the and buttons on your Timeline.

  3. By default, Timeline will sort your tasks using a space-saving viewing mode to show as many tasks as possible. You can also choose to sort your tasks by start date in the drop-down sort menu.



Timeline Best Practices

Check out this article to find out about great ways to use Timeline in project management! 



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Nate Ricker



Laurie Stras

So disappointed this feature isn't in Pro - single users need timelines, too!!


Andrew Lapidus

Hi Laurie, thanks for reaching out! It's also possible for single users to upgrade to business. You can find out how in this article: https://support.meistertask.com/hc/en-us/articles/360015802219Y
Hope this helps!

Andrew @ Meister


Laurie Stras

Oh, goodness, I realise that - but the cost is prohibitive and not good value for a single user, given that the pricing also includes many features that a self-employed person is never going to need. Would be great if Pro was for professionals.


Max B

Hi Laurie,
Thanks so much for your further explanation. I hear what you are saying and have forwarded your request for Timeline on Pro to our team. If you ever need any other help, please log into your account and reach out to our support team.
Max @ Meister


Allen Hoang

Just wanted to hop in here to say I 100% agree with Laurie. The timeline is super useful for single/smaller businesses and I would be more than happy to pay a proportionate price for that feature.
Timeline being in just the business plan is cost-prohibitive for single/smaller business, plus the other features that come with the business plan will never be used.

I have tried both the free trial and paid for a month of the business plan and found timeline to be very productive, however, I had to downgrade due to cost.

Hopefully you guys can work something out to have timeline more accessible!


Christy Elliott

I agree as well as my husband and I use MT for our family needs at home. Planning and scheduling your time should be a basic function to make sure tasks are completed prior to or by the due date. Even without the chart functionality you should be able to schedule a date range in the task itself and tie it into your calendar link. We were wanting to upgrade to the pro version, but only if it has the ability to schedule. I would expect a function like this before automations which would be a bonus. It adds up quickly when you have to pay for 2 users just to be able to use it as a family when we don’t need all the team and business features. Even 2 pro users is already expensive enough.


Beverly Cox

I agree with above people. Timeline in Pro for a small bump in monthly price may be more doable. Come on guys!