Search for Tasks or Notes

This feature is available to all users


Advanced search filters are only available to users on a Pro or Business plan. This includes searching for tasks/notes that have been deleted or archived.

Click the magnifying glass on the left sidebar to search all projects, tasks, notes and pages that you have access to. To initiate a search, it's necessary to enter text in the search field. Merely selecting filters will not activate the search function.

Search Projects, Tasks and Notes

To search for projects, tasks and notes in any of your projects:


  1. Click on the magnifying glass in the top-left corner of the MeisterTask interface.

  2. Type in your search term.
  3. Narrow down your search by using the filters at the top of the search pop-up window:

You can filter your search by:

  • Notes
  • Projects
  • Tasks - For tasks, there are more advanced search filters available: 
    • Assignee
    • Due date 
    • Project 
    • Status (Active, Archive, Deleted) 
    • Tags

Use the keyboard shortcut (Apple: CMD + K / Windows: CTRL + K) to quickly open the search window and find what you’re looking for.

Search For Content in a Specific Note or Page

You can also search an open note or page for specific content. To do this, open a note or page and: 


  1. Click the magnifying glass on the left sidebar or press CTRL/CMD + F.
  2. Click the note name under the search field.
  3. Enter your search term.
  4. Click a search result to navigate to that note.

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