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You can use MeisterTask's Calendar integration to synchronize MeisterTask with any calendar app compatible with the iCalendar standard. Once connected, all tasks with a due date that have been assigned to you will be displayed in your calendar.


This article contains general instructions for syncing MeisterTask with a 3rd party calendar app. If you'd like to synchronize MeisterTask with Google Calendar, visit our dedicated article here. If you'd like to connect MeisterTask with your Outlook Calendar, click here.

How to Sync MeisterTask with your Calendar App:

Step 1: Retrieve your iCalendar Feed URL

You'll first need to retrieve your unique iCalendar feed URL from your account's integrations page. Your calendar app will use this URL link to synchronize with your MeisterTask account.


  1. Click your user avatar in the top-right corner of the MeisterTask interface.
  2. Select Preferences from the drop-down menu.
  3. Click Integrations on the left side of the screen.
  4. Click iCalendar.
  5. Copy the link shown under "iCalendar Feed URL" to your clipboard.


Step 2: Add this URL to your Calendar App.

Specific instructions for inserting your URL will depend on the calendar app you're using. In general, look for a button that says "Add Calendar", then select the option to either "add a URL" or "subscribe from web."

Here's how to add your URL in Outlook Calendar:


  1. Visit your Outlook calendar at (or open the Outlook app).
  2. Click Add Calendar on the left side of the screen.
  3. Click Subscribe from web.
  4. Paste the URL from step one into the text box provided.
  5. Enter a Name for your new calendar. To keep things organized, we recommend using "MeisterTask". If you'd like, you can also choose a color and icon from the options provided.
  6. Click Import.


Your calendar app is now synchronized with your MeisterTask account. All tasks assigned to you with a due date are now displayed. You can alternate between viewing and hiding these tasks by clicking the MeisterTask calendar on the left sidebar-menu in Outlook:

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