Roles and Permissions

This feature is available to Business users

By assigning different roles and permissions to your project collaborators, you can define and limit what they can view, access and edit in your project.



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What Are Roles and Permissions?

You can assign different roles and permissions to other users who have been invited to collaborate on your project, allowing you to define and/or restrict their access and editing privileges. 


There are currently five roles which can be assigned to project collaborators, each with their own set of access and editing privileges:



By setting appropriate roles and permissions for your MeisterTask projects, you can collaborate effectively and ensure that sensitive data is kept safe and secure.


Roles and permissions are assigned on a project-by-project basis.

If you are the administrator of one project, this does not automatically make you the administrator of other projects created by your team.


Enable/Disable Roles and Permissions

Before you can use roles and permissions, you'll need to enable them in the power-ups tab.


  1. Click (i) at the top of the project screen, then select Project Properties.
  2. Navigate to the Power-Ups tab.
  3. Click the toggle switch to enable or disable Roles and Permissions.




Change Collaborators' Roles and Permissions

Project administrators can change collaborators' roles and permissions from the project properties window. To do this:


  1. Click (i) at the top of your project board.
  2. Select Project Properties.
  3. Scroll through your list of project collaborators to find the user whose role you'd like to change.
  4. Click the small arrow next to their current role.
  5. Select the users' new role from the drop-down menu.



Roles Available in MeisterTask:

The following five roles are currently available: 


  • Administrator:

Administrators have full control over the project. They can modify tasks, add/remove collaborators and change all project properties (sections, automations, integrations, etc.).


  •  Project Member:

Members can modify tasks in the project (create, edit, assign, complete, archive, trash etc.) but cannot change any project properties. 


  •  Guest

Project Guests can only access and edit tasks which have been assigned to them or on which they have been added as watchers. Assign guest roles to work with external collaborators while protecting sensitive project data. For more information, view our dedicated article here.


  • Commenter: 

Commenters can view projects and comment on tasks, but cannot modify either in any way. When a commenter comments on a task, they are automatically added as a watcher and are subsequently notified of changes made to the task.


  • Viewer/Read-only

Individuals with read-only privileges can open a project and view all tasks individually, but they cannot edit the project or its tasks in any way.



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