Who Owns My MeisterTask Project?

This article applies to all users.

MeisterTask projects are owned by the team that created the project.

You can view the owner of any project by selecting the Info tab in the Project Settings menu.

What is Project Ownership?

Every MeisterTask project has a project owner. In most cases, the project owner is the MeisterTask team that created the project.

Project ownership has important consequences for users who wish to leave a project or assign admin roles to users who are not part of the owning team. When performing these actions, please keep in mind:

  • At least one member of the owning team must remain in the project.
  • Business Users: If Roles and Permissions are enabled in the project, at least one member of the owning team must be assigned the "Admin" role.

Projects Created By Individual Users

Projects created by users who are not part of a MeisterTask team are owned by the individual user.

However: If this individual user joins a MeisterTask team, ownership of their projects will be immediately transferred to their new team.

Transfer Project Ownership to Another Team

To transfer the ownership of a project to your team, invite the current project owner(s) to your team. Once these users have accepted your invitation and joined your team, ownership will be shared among all team members.


If you no longer have contact with the current project owner(s), please reach out to MeisterTask Support.

  • Reach out to support using an e-mail address associated with the owning team (or individual).
  • Provide the name of the team (or individual user) to whom you'd like to transfer ownership.
  • Include the name of the project you'd like to transfer.
  • Activate support access for each of the involved teams.

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