FAQ: Changes to External Sharing

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Secure, organized projects and notes are key to project success. With this in mind, we’re updating external sharing permissions in MeisterTask. Take a look at the following FAQs to learn more about how this change may affect your team and what actions you should take.

What is changing?

Users on MeisterTask's Basic plan will no longer be able to share their team's projects and notes with external users (i.e. users who are not a member of their team).

When will these changes occur?

Starting December 7, 2023, users of MeisterTask's Basic plan will no longer be able to share their team's projects and notes with external users (i.e. users who are not a member of their team).

On February 5, 2024, any external users who have access to a basic team's projects or notes will lose access.

What actions should Basic (free) users should take?

Visit the Access Tab to see a list of all the external members who have access to your projects. Unless you take action, these users will lose access to your projects on February 5, 2024.

To continue collaborating with these users, take one of the following actions:

  1. Invite the users to your team.
  2. Upgrade to a Pro or Business Plan.
  3. If these users are part of a paying team, ask them to invite you to their team or request that they create a new project and invite you to it.

What actions should Pro or Business (paid) users take?

Check your project list to see if you will lose access to any projects owned by a basic user (see below):

Screenshot 2023-11-21 at 18.42.59.png

To continue collaborating with the users in these projects, take one of the following actions:

  1. Invite the users to your team.
  2. Ask the team or user that owns the project to upgrade to a Pro or Business plan.
  3. Create a new project to replace the old one, and invite all necessary collaborators.
Export Projects to Transfer Ownership

To replace an older project owned by a basic user, ask them to export the project and send you a copy. Once you import this file on your MeisterTask account, you will be the owner and can invite all necessary collaborators.

Please note that not all project details are included in an export.

Can Basic (free) users still collaborate with paying users?

Yes! Basic users can still collaborate with paying users. To do this, the paying user can simply invite these user to their projects.

How do I know which collaborators in my team's projects are external?

Team Admins can find a list of all external collaborators who have access to their team's projects in the Access Tab under Preferences.

How do I know if I am an external collaborator in a project?

To find out if you are an external collaborator in a project, visit Project Settings -> Members.

Members of the owning team are displayed first and marked with a 🔐 icon. External users and teams that do not own the project are listed below the owning team.

In the example below, the team "Philip Demo" owns the project, while other teams (e.g. MeisterLabs) and individual contributors are listed below.


How do I know which projects I will lose access to?

If you are an external member of any projects owned by a Basic user, you will lose access on February 5, 2024.

These projects are indicated by an ⚠️ icon, as shown below:

Screenshot 2023-10-31 at 11.06.14.png

Contact Meister Support

To contact MeisterTask Support:

  1. Sign in to a paid version of MeisterTask.
  2. Click theHelp Menu in the top-right corner of MeisterTask.
  3. Select Contact Us from the drop-down menu.

Can't contact support:
If you are unable to access support, click here to reach out directly.


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