Task Management Basics

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Every large project consists of many small steps. In MeisterTask, these steps are represented by tasks, the most basic building block of productivity in MeisterTask. Take a look at the short tutorial video below, then read on to learn more about the basics of task management in MeisterTask.

Tutorial Video: Managing Tasks in MeisterTask

Learn the basics of task management with this short tutorial video! When you're finished, keep reading for more details.

Create a New Task

The easiest and fastest way to create a new task is by clicking one of the + buttons located in each of your project sections

For more information on all the ways to create tasks in MeisterTask, click here!


Working with Checklists

Tasks in MeisterTask can contain checklists. Checklists are perfect for any task which requires multiple to-do's or action items: simply mark off completed actions to keep track of your team's progress.


To learn more about checklists, including how to save and implement checklist templates, click here!

Add Attachments to Tasks

Attach files to any task to quickly share relevant documents with your project collaborators. Attachments can then be favorited or shared, making it easier for everyone to access the information they need to work together effectively.

To learn more, visit our dedicated article here.


Set Due Dates

You can set a specific due date and time for any individual task. Use due dates in tandem with Agenda, the My Tasks widget and Timeline to always stay on top of your deadlines.


Learn more about setting due dates for your tasks here.

Assign Tasks and Add Task Watchers

Assign tasks to other collaborators in your project to delegate responsibilities. Task assignees receive notifications whenever changes are made to a task, and their user avatar is prominently displayed on the task tile.

Watch (follow) a task to stay updated and receive notifications whenever changes are made to a task.


Add Comments to Communicate with Others

The comments section at the bottom of the task window offers a place for team members to communicate with each other and share information on task progress.

Add comments to exchange ideas, link to attachments, and alert other team members to important information by mentioning them. For more information, visit our dedicated article here.


Complete and Archive tasks

Once you've finished working on a task, you can mark it as Completed to cross it off and keep track of your progress. Completed tasks can then be Archived and removed from your project board.


To learn more, visit our dedicated article here.

Course: Agile Task Management

Discover how you can make your task management more agile and efficient with Kanban boards in this introductory course:


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