Offboard and Remove a Colleague from Your Team

This feature is available to Team Administrators

Is an employee leaving your organization? Read on to learn how to fully offboard and disable or remove a colleague from your MeisterTask team. By following these steps, you can transfer responsibilities, ensure data security and (if needed) adjust your team's number of licenses.

Step 1: Reassign Tasks and Projects

If any important responsibilities, administrative tasks or sensitive information are assigned to a departing team member, you'll need to ensure that any admin rights and access privileges are either properly transferred to other team members or completely revoked.

To ensure proper transfer of access rights and admin privileges, follow these steps:

Data Security

Simply removing a colleague from your team will NOT immediately revoke their access to projects they've already joined. Don't forget to remove the departing colleague from all projects which contain sensitive information.

Step 2: Disable Your Colleague's Account

Once you've reassigned the departing team member's responsibilities, you can Disable your team member from the My Team section of Accounts. This will also free up one of your licenses. To disable a team member:


  1. Visit the My Team section in Accounts (only for team administrators).
  2. Hover your mouse over a team member's name.
  3. Click the more options (...) icon which appears to the right of your team member's name.
  4. Select Disable. This will also free up any licenses used by the removed team member.

Disabling vs. Removing a Team Member

a colleague will allow you to maintain control over the departing team member's account. The user will be unable to access their account, and a team administrator can even change a user's login/password information to access the user's data.

Removing a team member will completely separate their account from your team. Removed users can maintain access to their account and join other teams.

Step 3: Adjust Your Team's Number of Licenses

Once you've disabled or removed a team member, you can immediately invite a new team member to use your newly freed license.

If you don’t plan on replacing the removed team member, you can adjust your team's number of licenses in the Plans section of accounts. Changes will be applied at the start of the next billing cycle.

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