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MeisterTask Business is a subscription plan created specifically with the needs of enterprises and large teams in mind. This plan is also ideally suited to businesses who regularly collaborate with freelancers, or who want to enable clients and other stakeholders to view projects without being added as fully-fledged team members.



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Video: MeisterTask Business Overview

Take a look at this short demo video to see some of the features exclusive to the Business plan, then read on to learn more!


Features & Pricing

MeisterTask Business offers three features that are essential for the team management of large organizations and are not available on any other plan:


  • Roles and permissions: Assign different roles to team members and restrict their ability to modify projects and/or tasks.
  • User groups: Create groups of multiple users within your Business team and share/unshare projects with them at the click of a button.
  • Team projects: Make projects visible to your whole Business team. Team members who want to actively collaborate on these projects, rather than just view them, can join manually.


Additionally, the Business plan allows for multiple team administrators, who have full access to the license and user management of the entire team, and comes with priority email and phone support. 

You can upgrade to MeisterTask Business here.


User Groups

Large organizations with dozens of team members will benefit from creating user groups to further organize their team. Creating user groups allows you to:


  • Quickly share and unshare projects with multiple team members at once.
  • Streamline your onboarding process. If new employees join your team, you won't have to manually invite them to existing projects individually. Instead, you can add them to the group they belong to, and all projects shared with this group will be immediately shared with the new employee.


Create groups for the individual departments in your company (i.e. Marketing, Sales, Development and Management) for regional offices (Vienna team, San Francisco team), or for all people involved with a certain product. The possibilities are endless.


To learn more about creating and managing user groups, visit our dedicated article here.


Please note: User groups are not the same as project groups. Project groups are essentially folders that are used to structure the projects in your project list on the dashboard. You may, for instance, create a project group for all your personal projects and another one for all your business-related projects. User groups, on the other hand, are groups of multiple team members (e.g. all members of your marketing department).



Team Projects

Members of a MeisterTask Business Team can create team projects which are immediately visible to their entire organization. Create team projects to work transparently and quickly collaborate with large groups of colleagues within your organization. 


Once you've created a team project, other members of your team can then view and join the project directly from the MeisterTask Dashboard. Create team projects to quickly allow a large number of stakeholders immediate access to a project.


To learn more about creating team projects, visit our dedicated article here.



Roles and Permissions

Roles and permissions enable you to assign different roles to the members of a project, with each role offering a different set of rights. The roles currently available in MeisterTask Business include:


  • Administrator: Has full control over the project. Can change the way sections are set up, can add integrations and section actions, and can modify all other project properties.

  • Member: Can manage tasks in the project (create, modify, assign, complete, archive, trash etc.) but cannot change any project properties. Note that Members can see and modify all tasks, not only the ones assigned to them.

  • GuestProject Guests can only access and edit tasks which have been assigned to them or to which they have been added as watchers.

  • Read-only: Can open the project and view all tasks individually, but can not edit the project or its contents in any way.

  • Commenter: Can view and comment on tasks, but otherwise not modify them in any way. However, when a Commenter comments on a task, they are automatically added as a Watcher and are subsequently notified of changes made to the task.

Tip: You can invite users that are not part of your Business Team to projects and assign them a read-only, commenter or guest role. This is a great way to keep clients and other external stakeholders in the loop about project progress and involve them in task-related discussions, without the risk of them modifying tasks without permission.


To learn more about roles and permissions, visit our dedicated article here.



Custom Fields

MeisterTask Business users can add customized data fields to tasks in any project, giving their organization an additional way to categorize, search, track and add information to their projects.


Use custom fields to categorize important information which needs to be included in your project's tasks: Add a field for customer contact details, costs, email addresses, regulatory information, or any other category. 


Check this support article for more detailed information on how to set custom fields.



Advanced Security Settings

Admins of MeisterTask Business teams can also restrict the use of certain features to increase data security and privacy. Business Administrators can restrict users' use of reports, integrations, and attachments from external services.


These options can be enabled/disabled by any team admin from the Accounts page.

  1. Navigate to the Accounts page.
  2. In the left sidebar, click Settings under MeisterTask.
  3. Select/Deselect the features you would like to enable/disable.
  4. Click Save Changes.




Display Names

Team Admins can display the full names of users instead of their first names. To alter these preferences:


  1. Click your user avatar in the top-right corner of the MeisterTask interface.
  2. Select Account to access the accounts page.
  3. Click Settings under My Team on the left side of the accounts page.
  4. Adjust your security settings and select Save Changes when finished.





Timeline is Meister's take on the Gantt Chart. With Timeline, you can planschedule and visualize all of your project's tasks in an intuitive, calendar-based format.


By simply dragging-and-dropping tasks into your project's Timeline, you can quickly schedule essential tasks and see an immediate overview of essential project information, including:


  • Who is responsible for each task
  • How long each task will take
  • Which project phase is currently in development

For more detailed information on how to use Timeline, check out our dedicated support article.



MeisterTask Enterprise

MeisterTask Enterprise offers everything that’s included in the Business plan, plus personal onboarding assistance to ensure a smooth transition for your entire company. A dedicated account manager ensures all your custom needs are met, and our internal security department provides a custom security review. Please contact us for a tailored pricing offer.



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