Explore MeisterTask Pro Features

This article describes the features included in the MeisterTask Pro subscription. 

Take a look at this short demo video to see some of the features exclusive to the Pro plan:



What's included in MeisterTask Pro?


Unlimited Projects

The Pro plan allows you to create and collaborate on as many projects as you want.


Unlimited Automations

Section Automations are executed automatically when a task is created in or moved to a specific section. Every section in your project board can be configured to run one or multiple automations.


Automations use cases include:

  • Automatically assign new tasks to your team leader. 
  • Start time tracking when tasks move into the "In Progress" section. 
  • Alert your colleagues on Slack when a task moves into the "Done" section. 
  • Move tasks from one project to another. 
  • Change the task status. 
  • Create a monthly recurring task. 
  • Much more.





Unlimited Integrations

Integrations allow you to connect MeisterTask with other tools and platforms you’re using in order to create seamless workflows between them. In addition to the Dropbox, Google Drive and MindMeister integrations (which are available for everyone) Pro users can connect their project boards with popular tools such as Zendesk, Slack, Bugsnag, GitHub and Microsoft Office 365 Groups.

Use cases include:

  • Efficient communication channels between support agents and back office. 
  • Streamlined collaboration between different departments using different tools. 
  • Creating recurring tasks for often-repeated activities. 
  • Turning tasks into Google Calendar events. 
  • Much more.




Custom Background Images

As a Pro user you can upload your own background images and photos to customize your dashboard and beautify your projects. Learn more



What is your team up to, what are they spending their time on, and which projects are eating up your resources? MeisterTask Reports provide you with important insights that help you drive projects with data-based decisions. Learn more...





Project Groups

Sort projects into Project Groups in whichever way suits your workflow best.




Multiple Checklists

As a Pro user, you can create multiple checklists within the same task. These can be named and saved as predefined checklists. Alternatively, you can import existing checklists from within the same project. Learn more.


To upgrade from a free Basic plan to a Pro subscription, please click here.



Agenda is a personal, private board, individual to each user. Tasks from any project can be pinned to the customizable sections on the agenda.

You can find Agenda in the left sidebar, under Dashboard. If Agenda does not appear immediately, create a new project to trigger its appearance.

To open the Agenda from anywhere in MeisterTask, press CTRL (or CMD on Mac) + SHIFT + O.Pro_7_2x.png


If you would like to know more about the Agenda, you can use this support article for a more detailed explanation.



Set a Task Limit (WIP Limit)

Work in progress (WIP) allows you to set the maximum number of tasks that can exist in a section. To set a task limit for a section, click the section header to open the section dialogue.


See this support article for more information on task limits.



Collapsible sections

If you want to save a bit of space in your project you can collapse your sections. Simply double-click on the section icon to collapse, or reopen, a section.



You can read more about collapsible sections in the support article here.



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