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MeisterTask Pro
was developed for professional teams and others users who use MeisterTask to organize and manage work-related projects. Read on and watch the following demo video to learn more about MeisterTask Pro, or check out our pricing page to compare plans and upgrade.

Video: MeisterTask Pro - Overview

Take a look at this short demo video to see some of the features exclusive to the Pro plan, then read on for more details!

External Sharing

Share your projects and notes with users outside of your organization.

Unlimited Projects

MeisterTask Pro users can create and collaborate on an unlimited number of projects.

Unlimited Automations

Every project has boring, repetitive busywork. Use MeisterTask Pro to automate repetitive actions in your workflow, saving you time and allowing you and your team to focus on what matters

To learn more about MeisterTask automations, visit our dedicated article here!

Unlimited Integrations

Integrations allow you to connect MeisterTask with other tools and platforms to create seamless workflows across your applications.

Click here to learn more about MeisterTask's integrations.

Private Projects

Create invite-only private projects to protect sensitive information.

Custom Background Images

Pro users can upload personalized background images and photos to customize their dashboard and bring their projects to life.  Learn more!



Pro Users have full access to MeisterTask's Reports feature. Reports add a statistics-driven element to project management, allowing you to analyze, track and gain valuable insight into project performance through analytics. Click here to learn more!


Project Groups

Organize your projects into Project Groups to create a folder structure for your projects. Project Groups are a great way to keep your Dashboard structured and organized, especially when you're a member of many projects.

Click here to learn more!


Multiple Checklists

Pro users can create multiple checklists within the same task. These can also be stored as predefined checklist templates which can be used again and again. Click here to learn more!



Agenda is an individualized private dashboard which allows you to keep track of tasks from many different projects in one centralized place.

Click here to learn more!

Set a Task Limit (WIP Limit)

A "Work In Progress (WIP) Limit" allows you to set the maximum number of tasks that can exist in a section. To set a task limit for a section, click the section header to open the section dialogue.


Collapsible sections

You can minimize any section of your project to save space and gain a broader project overview. Simply double-click on any section icon to collapse or reopen a section.


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