Do I Need to Create a Team to Collaborate With Others?

This depends on your plan:

  • Users on a Pro or Business plan can collaborate with users outside of their team.
  • Users on a Basic plan need to be part of a team to collaborate.

The Benefits of Forming a Team

Although you don't need to be part of a team in order to collaborate with others, forming a team in MeisterTask has many benefits and is particularly useful for businesses, schools, and all other types of organizations:

  • As the administrator of a team, you are able to manage the licenses and the billing of all your team members.
  • You are able to add, remove or disable team members as needed.
  • You are able to create user groups within your team in order to quickly share projects or maps with multiple people at once. For instance, you may create a team for your entire organization, and form individual groups for the members of different departments.
  • You are able to create a customized login domain for your team and customize MeisterTask's appearance to fit your brand. 
  • For security purposes, you can allow team members to access MeisterLabs products only from a certain IP range, e.g. from your offices.

Although Pro users can also form teams, some of the features mentioned above are only available to teams on our Business plan.

How to Form a Team

To form a team, you first need to purchase licenses for all team members (a team of 10 people requires 10 Pro or 10 Business licenses). You can then invite your colleagues to join your team, either by inviting them via email or by sending them a secure link.  

You can learn more about how to manage your team in this article

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