How Can I Collaborate with Others in MeisterTask?

Collaborating With Team Members

This feature is available to all users.

In MeisterTask, you can invite any other team member to your boards and notes to collaborate with them on your projects.

There are two types of projects and notes in MeisterTask:

  • Private projects/notes are invite-only. Only users who have received an invitation can join these. (Private projects/ notes are now marked with a 🔒 symbol in the left sidebar.)
  • Team projects/notes are immediately visible to your entire team.

Collaborating With People Outside of Your Team

Basic users cannot invite people outside of their team to their projects.
Pro and Business users can easily invite people outside of their team to their projects.

If you are collaborating with clients, contractors, or other individuals who are not part of your MeisterTask team, you can invite them on a project-by-project basis. When inviting external users, assign them roles according to their level of involvement, choosing from options like Member, Commenter, or Guest.


Individuals outside of your core team cannot be assigned a project admin role.


How to Invite others to your project:

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